The Collector - Recorded performance, vacbeds, art handling gloves, pervertibles, empty frames, plastic packaging material, Henry hoover, Hetty hoover.
Quarantine - exhibition documentation NPC (non-player character)
Revolting Serfs
Umuzenguruko - cow dung
Δισκοβόλος - 3D printed statuette
Masque, Mask - mounted hockey mask
Anthropófago - engraved set of forks
черный квадрат - solaris video loop, monitor
結わえる - hentai
hraunkvika - digitally printed vinyl
ملاع† -sand
antropófago - engraved set of forks
"My biggest fault, being a braggart and a bluffer… yielded countless advantages" - Heinrich Schliemann
- plaster cast volcano victim, Agamemnon death mask, drunk recitation of Homer's epic poems
Awaiting the Oracle - sacrificial tripod, laurel leaves Le Procès-sus - script for video, displayed on the work "Nouveau Labyrinthe pour Nantes" by Dan Graham, Galerie Fontaine. Planting White Tulips - .jpeg Reviews - interpretations of the exhibition proposal for 'Bunkerisation' written on postcards (1 of 6) Exhibition View - looped video